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What is this? A public benefit, non-profit Indiana corporation chartered to advance the planning, engineering and  financing of a possible downtown circulator streetcar system for Indianapolis.

What is a downtown circulator? A transportation system created to move people around the central part of a city and designed to interface with other available transportation systems.  A downtown circulator typically utilizes buses or streetcars.

What is a streetcar? A quiet, zero emission electric vehicle that runs on light steel rails placed in traffic lanes of city streets and receives its power from an overhead wire.  It makes numerous stops close together and it runs on domestic energy sources. 

Three types of streetcars may be used:

Vintage  streetcar:  A historic streetcar restored for operation on today’s streetcar systems.

Replica streetcar:  A new vehicle built as a replica of a vintage streetcar

Modern streetcar:  A new vehicle built to a modern design for today’s streetcar systems.

How does this differ from light-rail Light rail uses a vehicle similar to a streetcar but larger, heavier and faster.  It typically links a central business district with suburban communities and operates on a separate track with stops 1-2 miles apart.

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